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The Security Industry Act 2001 (security licensing law) has made it compulsory for all those who work in the security industry to undergo training and possess a valid SIA licence. To get an SIA licence a candidate will have to show that they have successfully completed one or more of these courses.

From 1st April 2015 new regulations came in to effect that saw the number of hours for each unit increase. There are still 3 – 4 units to the courses required by the SIA. Each training course (competency requirement) has now been updated by the SIA. For example, anyone undergoing a training course for Door Supervisors will now complete a 4 unit course (previously 2 units) which now includes Physical Intervention as the 4th unit. To become a Door Supervisor one must have completed the following units:

  • Unit 1 – Working in the Private Security Industry
  • Unit 2 – Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry
  • Unit 3 – Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry
  • Unit 4 - Physical Intervention

S.I.A. Door Supervision Training Course contents:

 Unit 1 - Working within the Private Security Industry (10 hours)

  • Module 1: The private security industry
  • Module 2: Legislation
  • Module 3: Health & safety
  • Module 4: Fire Procedures
  • Module 5: Emergencies
  • Module 6: Communication skills and customer service

Working as a Door Supervisor (12 hours)

  • Module 1: The role of a door supervisor 
  • Module 2: Civil and criminal laws
  • Module 3: Arrest
  • Module 4: Working on licensed premises
  • Module 5: Searching
  • Module 6: Drugs
  • Module 7: Emergency procedures
  • Module 8: 'recording incidents and crime scene preservation

Unit 3 - Conflict Management (8 hours)

  • Module 1: The principles of conflict management
  • Module 2: Recognising, assessing and reducing risk
  • Module 3: Communication and de-escalation in emotive situations 
  • Module 4: Problem solving strategies
  • Module 5. Good practice following conflict

Unit 4 - Physical Intervention (12 hours)

  • Module 1: Understand physical interventions and the legal and professional implications of their use
  • Module 2: Understand how to reduce the risk of harm when physical intervention techniques are used
  • Module 3: Be able to use non-aggressive physical intervention techniques to protect yourself and others
  • Module 4: Be able to use non-pain related standing, holding & escorting techniques, including non-restrictive and restrictive techniques
  • Understand good practice to follow after the use of physical intervention techniques


This qualification is usually achieved by taking a 4 day classroom-based course accompanied by blended and/or distance learning. However, it can also be achieved through a variety of other methods, providing the recommended learning hours are completed.
***** Please be advised, that although the course is only 4 days, the processing time for results is normally between 2 and 3 weeks, on top of this you will also have the SIA processing time, please take this into consideration when thinking about time-scales for applying for  your qualification****
Course cost £199 plus vat per person. 
Group discounts available on request.

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