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The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 states that anyone who authorises the sale of alcohol to the public must have a personal licence.

An applicant for a personal licence must prove to the local Licensing Board that he or she holds a licensing qualification that meets the specification of the Scottish Government.

The SCPLH is approved by the Scottish Government, accredited by the SQA (regulatory) and fully satisfies these legal requirements.

F1 Training Services provides courses for the SQA SCPLH at a number of locations across Scotland. Each class lasts one-day (typically 10am to 5pm), involves a thorough training session delivered by an ‘approved’ trainer and is followed by the 60 minute multiple choice exam.

The SQA SCPLH covers the syllabus set by the Scottish Government to enable candidates to understand the law in relation to :

  • the roles, responsibilities and functions of Licensing Boards and Licensing Standards Officers
  • the application process for a personal licence
  • the application process for premises and occasional licences, mandatory & discretionary conditions
  • the protection of children from harm
  • the content and purpose of an operating schedule and risk assessment
  • drunkenness and disorderly behaviour
  • licensed hours
  • control of order
  • the responsible retail of alcohol
  • the roles and responsibilities of the personal licence holder and the penalties relating to failure to comply with the law
  • unauthorised licensable activities
  • rights of entry to licensed premises
  • the strengths of alcoholic drinks and the effects of alcohol on the human body
        Courses available on request

Cost of Course

£99 + vat per person

Group discounts available on request.

If you would like to discuss any of this please do not hesitate to contact any of our offices, Aberdeen 01224 51 61 71, Dundee 01382 60 40 60 or Glasgow 0141 432 2018.

Alternatively, you can send an email to or 

*Note – Course fees are payable in advance of this course. Course manual will be issued on payment of fees. It is recommended that the manual is studied prior to course date and examination.

Please also be aware that this course does not guarantee the attendee their personal licence. On successful completion of the exam a qualification certificate will be issued. The “Qualification certificate” is then used to apply to your local council for your own personal licence. Presently (May 2013) this costs £50 which you pay on top of your licensing qualification. Licences are issued at the councils discretion and applicants are subject to police checks. Prior history and previous convictions may be taken into consideration which may result in refusal of a Personal Licence.

Dundee Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holder Training in Aberdeen, Dundee & Glasgow

Aberdeen Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holder Training in Aberdeen, Dundee & Glasgow

Glasgow Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holder Training in Aberdeen, Dundee & Glasgow