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The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 specifies that in Scotland, the holder of a personal licence must undergo refresher training within 5 years of the date of issue of their personal licence to ensure their licence remains valid; and every personal licence holder will be required to produce a certificate to the licensing board that originally issued their personal licence as evidence that they have passed the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher) (SCPLHR).

In line with guidance soon to be issued to Licensing Boards by the Scottish Government all personal licence holder qualifications achieved in the transition period from 1st March 2008 to 31st August 2009 will be treated as having being issued on 1st September 2009.

As a result, everyone who achieved their personal licence holder qualification between 1st March 2008 and 1st September 2009, will have to successfully complete the SCPLH(R) qualification, and submit evidence of this to their licensing board before 01 September 2014, although there will be an additional three month grace period from this date.

Personal licence holders who obtained their personal licence after 1st September 2009 will have until 5 years (and 3 months) of this later date to submit evidence of completion of their refresher training.   For example, if a personal licence was issued on 1st June 2012, then the proof that the refresher qualification has been passed must be submitted to the original licensing board before 01 September 2017 at the very latest.

If personal licence holders do not submit evidence of passing the SCPLH(R) to their licensing board before the deadline, their personal licences will be revoked.

Course will cover:

  • Introduction to the Licensing (Scotland) Act
  • Issues with alcohol
  • People in licensing
  • Operating plans and hours
  • Children, young people, and licensing
  • Control of order
  • Offences and other laws
  • Irresponsible drinks promotion
  • Training — your obligations

At the end of the course you there will be a 40 question multiple choice examination, you will have 1 hour to complete this, you will have to achieve a minimum of 28 out of 40 in order to pass the exam.

Cost of Course

£79 + vat per person

Group discounts are available on request, please contact our invoice for more info. 

Dundee Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders - Refresher

Aberdeen Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders - Refresher

Glasgow Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders - Refresher