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To comply with the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 it is a requirement that site personnel and staff are trained in fire safety measures and the action to be taken in case of a fire emergency. 

Course Objectives:-

  • To Introduce basic legislation
  • To have an understanding of fire
  • To provide suitable training in actions to be taken on discovering a fire
  • To understand the classification of fire extinguishers
  • To understand fire signs and basic evacuation procedures

Instruction is put across in 3 sections -

  • REPORT – The action to be taken on discovery of the fire
  • ATTACK – Basic knowledge of fire equipment
  • EVACUATE – Correct evacuation procedures

Basic use of a water type fire extinguisher included.

Ongoing student assessment with a written test.

Courses are held regularly in our Aberdeen & Dundee premises, see above for next available dates. 

Dundee Fire Safety Awareness (4 Hours)


Aberdeen Fire Safety Awareness (4 Hours)

Glasgow Fire Safety Awareness (4 Hours)